The Solution is just a slap shot away!

Some AAA hockey programs promise this and promise that, and many deliver, but what we heard most from folks in Saint Paul... why isn’t there a program closer to home? Why do we have to travel so far to get high-quality hockey instruction?

IMG_8835.jpg“It’s time to return the Capital City to the capital of the State of Hockey.”

Whether you play for Edgcumbe or Langford, Highland Central or Como-Johnson. Moundsview, Roseville, Sibley or South St. Paul... this program is all about you. We aim to improve every team in the Capital City and our mission’s goal is to see one of our city High Schools, claim a title down at the X within 5 years.

Here’s what the Capital City Comets program will deliver:

  • The opportunity for all Saint Paul Area hockey players to skate together, with the goal of developing each skater’s talent to its highest level.
  • Tournament Teams for players born in 2006, 2004 and 18U
  • A practice schedule which encourages players to play summer sports like; baseball, soccer and lacrosse
  • Practices will be held primarily at Charles Schultz North Arena and Drake Arena (SPA).
  • Minimal travel, maximum focus
  • Experienced Team coaches and training opportunities, not available anywhere else.
  • Special partnerships with regional training teams, brought in to give each and every player the best opportunity to succeed this year and into the future.

What's it take to be a COMET?

To be successful, these are the things we have to keep in mind as we go through the season.

COMETS Player’s Creed

  • We respect the game of hockey and will always keep it FUN.
  • We get to the rink on time and will be ready to give our best effort each and every practice and game.
  • We play like we practice and we will practice hard.
  • We will treat every player on the ice as a member of the “team”. We will count on each other, and treat each other with respect and in exchange expect the same.
  • We expect our coaches to be respectful to us, and in turn we will be respectful to them, by listening, and doing right whether on or off the ice.
  • We will work hard in school… smart hockey players always go farther.
  • We will take the time to thank our parents for the time and dedication they give to help us be the best hockey player we can be.

Season’s Goals (Or things you’ll hear on the ice, or from the bench)

  • Passionate TEAM play
  • Play fair and within the rules of the game
  • Win Every Race, Every time
  • Speed Kills – Use it to your advantage
  • Shoot to score
  • Crash the net – Play till the whistle
  • Everybody back-checks! Always support your goalies!
  • Communicate! With each other, with the coaches, and with your parents.


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