Comet Press ~ St. Paul, MN 4/18/2019

We are off and skating! Four great groups of hockey players getting great instruction. Thank you all for being a part of the program this year!

Our younger two squads, the 06's (peewees) and 08's (squirts) have been entered into the Independent Classic AAA hockey tournament. This was not the originally anticipated weekend, however in speaking with organizers this will be a great opportunity for coaches to see we were are at before our summer break. Invitations will be coming out this weekend for each team. Due to the limitation on roster size, the 06 squad will unfortunately not be able to invite every skater for this first tourney.

This tournament has also created changes to the on-ice practice schedule. Please take a look at the update calendar here on the website for these changes.

ADMIN: For those that chose the two payment option to pay for tuition, the 2nd payment is now due. It was due on April 1st, but we extended it to May 1st. Please send a check in the mail or deliver to coaches at rink the remaining portion so skaters can keep skating and coaches can keep coaching.

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Finally, we have four great groups of hockey players and the Comets organization greatly supports your faith in helping us do what we love to do; Return the Capital City to the capital of the State of Hockey!

COMETS 2019 OFFERINGS (Click for full details and Price)

2008 born AAA Summer Hockey 2008s (and 09s ) - 

2006 born AAA Summer Hockey (and 07s ) - 

High School Varsity and JV Hockey (2005 - Juniors) -

Graduated Comets Hockey League - (Post high school) -



2016 18U Comets hockey players. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK. GOOD LUCK IN YOUR SEASON. See you at the X


1197 Laurel Ave
Saint Paul, MN 55104


What We're All About...

The Capital City Comets are back for more and this summer we're expanding our hockey opportunitiesImage_1.jpg to help more area skaters IMPROVE THEIR GAME!

Many summer AAA programs focus solely on tournaments and games... and the Capital City Comets philosophy has always been about improving player skills to better prepare each skater for success when the games REALLY MATTER.

For more details, check out the PROGRAM DETAILS page for all that's included at each age group and the price, which we are very pleased is still the best value is summer AAA hockey!

Also, this year the organization will once again included online-bill-pay, right on the website to make that portion of the program even more user friendly.

The Comets want you and your skater to be a major part of our success!


Coach DJ